Top 10 Actors in Hollywood

Top 10 Actors in Hollywood

Being an actor in Hollywood requires sheer hard work and talent. To sustain and be successful, he should be in acquaintance of number of skills. Hollywood actors are the highest earning acting professionals in the world not only because it has world-wide market but the standard of work is top class. In the era of Hollywood it had seen some of the finest and handsome actors of the world. Listing them with number would be a sin but since it is inevitable, this list is just for recollection.

Al Pacino


Alfredo James Pacino was born in 1940 in United States of America. In his early ages he used to act in plays in US. This actor is a history in Hollywood movies. His debut Hollywood movie would be Me, Natalie in the year 1969. God father is a break is his career which took him to heights. Serpico, Dog day afternoon, Scarface, Insomnia, Scent of a woman are some of his career defining movies.

Tom Cruise


This adrenaline junkie is the heartthrob of Hollywood and even crossing his 50’s he is still sustaining it. He had a tremendous career with most of them being action packed ones. Born as Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in US in the year 1962, he definitely is a fearless man. Word is that, majority of the stunts in his movies are performed by himself. Some of his mentionable movies are Top Gun, Mission Impossible series, Rain man, Minority Report, The last samurai.

Brad Pitt


Born in United States in the year 1963, William Bradley Pitt is a versatile actor. He is listed to be the most handsome actor in the Hollywood history. He, who started his acting career in television series is a talented actor with huge number of box-office hits. The curious case of Benjamin button, The big short, Ocean Eleven, Inglorious Bastards are some of the mentionable movies of Brad Pitt.

Leonardo Dicaprio


Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an exceptional actor in Hollywood. Born in the year 1942, the Inception star has worked with some of the top directors of Hollywood. He made his Hollywood debut in the movie Critters 3, but What’s eating Gilbert Grapes is the movie which gave him a break and he received huge accolades from critics. Titanic is the movie which gave him international popularity and he received multiple awards for various movies. Catch me if you can, Departed, The revenant, The Departed, Inception are some of his Epic’s.

Zac Efron


This American actor began his acting career with some guest roles in television series. Born in 1987, he is one of the sexiest actors of Hollywood. With his chiseled physique and gripping eyes he is the heartthrob of many young women. 17 Again, Baywatch are some widely famous movies of Zac Efron.


Ryan Thomas Gosling


This Canadian star began his career of acting with the television series Mickey Mouse club in the year 1993. He then further acted in other family entertainment programs. Frankenstein and me is his first Hollywood debut but Notebook is the movie which gave him a major break in the industry. The big short, The Nice guys, The Ides of March are some of movies which he received appreciable accolades from the critics.

Ryan Rodney Reynolds


This handsome actor was born in Canada in the year 1976. His career started with an ABC sitcom ‘Two guys and a girl’ and later he entered in to movies with his debut movie being Ordinary Magic. He received his golden globe for best actor male for his splendid performance in the blockbuster movie ‘Deadpool’. The proposal, X-men origins - Wolverine, The change up are some of the movies he received awards.


Shia Saide LaBeouf


This cute and talented actor was born in the year 1986 in United States. The transformers star is known for versatile and adhere acting skills. He used to do stand up comedies during his childhood and later on television and movies. Transformer’s is the movie which gave him international recognition and movies like Disturbia, Eagle eye, Indiana Jones gave him huge credits.


Chris Hemsworth


The Hollywood hunk was born in Australia in the year 1983. This sexiest man alive with his chiseled body attracted world-wide audience. He got major credits for the role of ‘Thor’ the demigod in the marvel creation. However he has also done character defining roles in some movies which earned his star position. In the heart of the sea, The huntsman: Winter’s want are some of his hit movies.

Bradley Cooper


Born in United Stated in the year 1975, this blue eyed actor is known for his charming looks. He is known for his unique acting skills in his movies. With the beginning of his career in the television industry, he made his first Hollywood in the movie Wet hot American summer. The hangover, Limitless, The A-team, Silver linings playbook, Burnt are some his notable movies.

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